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Automate Processing of L1 Sensor Data with Skycatch

The Skycatch Product team has been working tirelessly to prioritize the completion of a new feature that will expand the ways Skycatch can help organizations increase operational efficiency within their mine sites.

Skycatch automates the processing of raw data from the DJI Zenmuse L1 sensor in just a few clicks.

The Benefits of Processing L1 LiDAR Data with Skycatch Cloud

  • Simple - Easily upload datasets into the Skycatch cloud
  • Scale - Skycatch cloud supports one or thousands of datasets simultaneously
  • Manage - Browse, search and analyze data in one place
  • Share - Once the data is in the cloud, easily share across entire organization
  • Interoperability - Integrate data with popular mining solutions or your own cloud infrastructure
  • Access - Build your own custom solutions and access your data via Skycatch APIs
  • Data Persistency - Securely store and retrieve outputs across lifetime of projects

Efficiently enhance your L1 data workflow by capturing data using our automated mission planner, upload data to the Skycatch cloud and receive your processed data via download links or Skycatch REST APIs.  To learn more, contact our Sales team here.

For more information on this pivotal new feature, see our full product release notes here.

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