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Skycatch and UPG Sign Exclusive Partnership to Distribute RPAS Technology in ANZ

Skycatch is pleased to announce that following the acquisition of HL Geospatial by UPG (Ultimate Positioning Group Pty Ltd), the three-year partnership established in Western Australia will now be carried forward by UPG as the distribution partner for all of Australia and New Zealand. 

UPG has been supporting the RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft system) industry for over eight years with a specialist team that sell, train, support, and operate their portfolio. Skycatch has established early success in Oceania since 2016, and establishment of this partnership enables greater reach and more comprehensive support. Together, UPG and Skycatch are bringing the fastest, safest, and most accurate surveying and mapping technology to the Australian and New Zealand mining, construction, and surveying markets.

UPG Business Development Manager, Adnan Arslanagic has said “Building on three years of a successful partnership, we are excited for the opportunities Skycatch – UPG arrangement opens.  Unique thing about the Skycatch solution, especially for our mining clients, is the ability to seamlessly plug into existing mining workflows. There’s nothing else in the market comparable to the Skycatch SVE, a drone-based solution for highwall scanning which allows our customers to fly and then immediately obtain locally referenced, analytics-ready deliverables fit for survey, geological and geotechnical investigations. This solution ensures that the areas of interest are captured safely and to a high quality, with actionable data produced offline and in the field in a matter of minutes or hours, not days.”

In the mining and construction industries, accurate, real-time insights are worth their weight in gold. Skycatch’s Mining Solution is an end-to-end solution that simplifies drone survey and highwall mapping for mining companies. There’s no other solution like it for high-precision drone mapping, data processing, and drone analytics in mining. Together with UPG, this partnership can bring mutually beneficial outcomes for businesses in the mining, construction, and surveying markets. 

“We are delighted that partnering with a leading company like UPG will enable us to bring this world-class offering to more companies in the Australia - New Zealand market, one of the most mature in the world regarding commercial use of drones. Over the coming years, we expect this partnership to help these firms optimize their operations, sites, business models, and profits through the power of accurate, timely data, ” says William Pryor, Skycatch Lead Evangelist and Reseller Program Manager.

About UPG
With 13 offices across Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, UPG has provided the most advanced geospatial solutions to support and simplify the workflow between the field and office for geospatial professionals for over 130 years. They employ 150+ solution and industry specialists in both Australia and New Zealand. These experts help dozens of organizations in the South Pacific gather, analyze, use, and transform geospatial data into actionable intelligence to improve decision-making, lower costs, optimize resource use, and leverage opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency.

About Skycatch
Founded in 2013, Skycatch develops and sells proprietary advanced software and hardware for generating fast, reliable, survey-grade 3D data (sub 5cm). The Skycatch Mining Solution is an all-in-one drone-data solution that is specifically designed for the mining industry. This offering enables mining professionals to get granular and aggregated visibility into the entire site through drone mapping, automated data capture, data analytics, and visualization. This visibility empowers them to make more informed business decisions, improve mining efficiency, lower operational costs, achieve their decarbonization goals, and improve their personnel’s health and safety.

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