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All the tools you need to measure, manage, and collaborate on your job site.

Subcontractor Verification

Never double-handle dirt again. With centimeter-level accuracy, historical reporting, and volume calculations, you’ll know exactly how much was moved and when to avoid disputes before they even begin.

BIM Coordination

Improve communication with online collaboration, sharing, markups, measurements, and overlays so you’re always informed of the latest project conditions - no matter where you are in the world. Permission controls allow you to share exactly what you need to with external teams and stakeholders, to stay up to date on only the project they’re working on.

“It’s incalculable what the value of this communication is. At a minimum, it’s saving us hours per day per team that uses the data. Summing that across every day and every team here totals a very, very large savings for the project in cost, schedule, and risk — it hits our most important KPIs.”



ENR Construction

Reduce Safety Risks, Accelerate Project Delivery

We know your head is always on a swivel, but we want to help you and your teams avoid extra exposure to danger by eliminating the need to physically set ground control points.

With the Edge1 combined GNSS base station and in-field processor, there is no need to set and maintain a ground control point in order to obtain centimeter-level accuracy. You’re also able to receive your data, packaged into your site’s unique custom coordinates, simplifying the steps to decision-ready data.

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