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Skycatch is trusted by the biggest developers, general contractors, and construction leaders around the world to oversee, better manage, and scale the use of drone data and analytics across thousands of projects.

Never miss another deliverable.

The Skycatch Smart Uploader validates all the required files are there and correct. ​ No matter if you need GCP, PPK, or RTK, they are all supported.

Most importantly, it will tell you exactly when the processing job will be completed. ​ All major DJI drones are supported.

Photogrammetry should just work. No more knobs!

The Skycatch 3D Vision Engine is an advanced 3D reconstruction application built from the ground up with industrial verticals like mining and construction in mind.

The process is fully automated and even includes machine learning to automatically remove unwanted ground objects, reprojection to local coordinate systems, and many other advanced features.

Visuals, measurements, analytics, all at your fingertips.

The Skycatch Data Hub is an extendable cloud-based software for 3D measurements, accuracy reports, as-built validation, data sharing and more. ​ No matter if you work with point clouds, DTMs, DSMs, meshes, or design files, they can all be supported.

Data Hub can even be accessed through REST APIs inside your own or any 3rd party applications.

"Skycatch delivers what we consider the most comprehensive UAV solution in the market and by far the most inclusive one from the client perspective. What makes Skycatch unique is the genuine drive to understand and grow with the construction market throughout all of the phases of project delivery."

Tomislav Žigo

Clayco | CTO and Vice President

Tomislav Žigo

Skycatch’s All New 3D Data Hub Software

  • Visualize all your data in high precision 3D from home, office, or abroad
  • Compare datasets and track changes
  • Track as-builts with automatically aligned design file imports
  • Create powerful 2D and 3D measurements, including cut-and-fill
  • Create and share analytics, markups, as-builts, and progress reports
  • Import / Export all standard data types


Manage photos, maps, point clouds, DSMs, and design files in a single, centralized location.

Fast 2D and 3D Measurements

Create precise 2D and 3D measurements in near-realtime.

Measure 3D Changes Over Time

Measure map changes in 3D over time across multiple datasets.

Import Design Files

Import 2D and 3D design files and the system places them automatically onto the map.

Comparison to As-Builts

Compare your 3D design files to what's really happening on your job site and track the changes over time.

Export and Share Data

Export all of your data in all major open formats using global or local coordinate systems.

Mark Up Datasets with Notes

Add a variety of markups to your data and share them with collaborators.

Robust User Management Features

Complete control over who has access a varied levels of permission to your job sites both inside and outside of your organization.

Inspect Raw Photos

Inspect, markup and share all of the raw photos from your data sets.

Multiple Exportable Data Types

Export all standard data file types to easily bring into your workflow. Download a sample of the data.

"It’s really an incredible tool that I don’t want to have to do without on the next big project.”


Superintendent | DPR Construction

Skycatch Customers

Training & Services

Skycatch provides professional training to all aspects of the platform. ​ We can certify your pilots and train them and the rest of your teams to deliver consistent and high accuracy results.

Additional premium levels of tailored implementation services are also available to help standardize workflow across the entire company.

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