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2022 Mining Trends in the UAE

J. Geissmann, Ops Mngr, Bin -Harkil Group Saudi Arabia, M. Triacca, Regional Mngr, Skycatch, and S. Henderson, Head of Sales, The Drone Center


Mining Trends Heading into 2022 and Adapting to Remain Competitive

C. Sanz, Founder & CEO, Skycatch and Stephen Walker, Advisor, Skycatch discussed some 2022 trends in the Mining industry & provided insights on how to adapt to remain competitive.


Mine Data Compatibility - Streamline for Higher Efficiency

W. Pryor, Tech Evangelist, Skycatch, B. Richardson, Product Owner, Skycatch and M. Kelly, Geospatial Solutions Architect, Teck hosted a roundtable to discuss how data compatibility is key when gathering, processing and analyzing your mining data.