3 Steps to Drone Data Success


Plan and fly your mission

Plan and fly your fully automated missions in just a few taps with the Flight1 app. Using the Edge1 base station you can capture RTK data without wasting time setting up, marking, and maintaining ground control points.


Automated processing

When your mission is complete, insert the SD card into your Edge1 base station for high-speed processing right from the field. You’ll get to preview your processed point cloud in 30 minutes, no additional rover or internet connection required.

You can process your data locally or in the cloud using the Edge1 app on iPad.


Review, annotate and share data

Access your fully processed data right from the Edge1 app or on any computer.

Markup, measure, overlay CAD plans, and more right from the Skycatch viewer or export data files to use in any other software like Autodesk or ArcGIS.

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