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Explore 1

High Accuracy Drone

The most widely deployed RTK-based commercial drone

Dual-frequency GNSS RTK

Enables 5cm accuracy

Fully autonomous

Takeoff, flight, and landing controlled by easy-to-use Skycatch flight app

Dual-camera data capture

Simultaneously capture with Skycatch camera and any DJI gimbaled camera

Designed for industrial environments

Carbon-fiber airframe protected by high tensile strength polycarbonate shell for maximum durability

“The ability to fly without setting down GCP’s saves a lot of time, especially on big sites. It takes a lot of effort to put down points that are many times taken out quickly with earth work or other activities. Skycatch has really made a simpler process by doing a lot of that work for us and giving us accurate information.”


VDC Manager, Hensel Phelps

Industry’s Sharpest Camera

Skycatch Sync1​ camera system features a high-resolution 20MP camera which has an ultra-fast mechanical shutter that captures at 1 picture per second, or twice the speed of existing solutions.

Centimeter-Accurate Geo-Positioning

Skycatch Air1​ onboard computer ties together the positioning from the high-precision GPS and the timing from the high-res camera so you know exactly where each photo was taken to within centimeter-level accuracy.

Designed by Skycatch, Manufactured by DJI

The Explore1 drone is built on the DJI Matrice M100 airframe and flight controller, the most trusted commercial drone platform ever created.

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