Highwall 3D Data That Customers Say is Better Than Laser Scans

Skycatch is the only drone-based solution for highwall scans that can generate consistent centimeter level data that matches laser scanners.
Our end-to-end solution provides a higher resolution output without the holes and gaps that laser scans often contain.

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Geologists and geotechnical engineers know. Efficient and safe pit designs for surface mining rely on good quality highwall data. With the Advanced Highwall Scanning package from Skycatch, your 3D data is accurate to 5 cm or less. High-resolution output means even the smallest of details are visible.



Are concerned with ore body identification and economic block modeling for efficient ore and mineral extraction.

Geologists need accurate 3D highwall data that clearly shows color and shape to help define the position of different features, including multi-bench features, to get an orientation.

Geotechnical Engineers

Use the highwall data to plan, repair and create safe and efficient pit plans for optimal ore extraction.

Geotechnical engineers also need 3D data that shows color and good visual texture. In addition, they require a more detailed, higher resolution mesh to accurately capture the orientations.

Mine Surveyors

Are often the busiest team at the mine, capturing the data needed to make the best decisions for highwall mining.

Mine surveyors need an easy to use and repeatable solution for capturing high precision 3D highwall data. In order to eliminate any bottlenecks, they want to capture data faster and safer on a more regular basis.


Traditional methods of capturing highwall data, including laser scanners and manual mapping, are not as reliable and don’t always produce the detail required to make good decisions.

"The laser scanner requires greater technical skill and can still leave shadows and blank spots in the point cloud. This, in addition to the cost of operations, limits how often the scanners get used."

Business Improvement Lead | Top 100 Mining Company


Why is the Skycatch Solution Better?

The Advanced Highwall Scanning end-to-end solution from Skycatch is the next generation drone-based technology for capturing, processing and analyzing high accuracy, high resolution 3D highwall data.

Safer, easier capture

More cost effective

Better detail, high resolution

Automated Drone-Based Capture

Automated Drone-Based Capture

Use the Skycatch Flight1 mission planning app with proprietary highwall following technology.

RTK Drone Compatibility

RTK Drone Compatibility

Use DJI P4RTK or M210RTK drones and the Skycatch Edge1 Smart Base Station for accuracy below 5cm. No need for GCPs.

<p><a href="/technology/skycatch-vision-engine">Advanced Computer Vision</a></p>

Advanced Computer Vision

Highest resolution output up to 64 pts/m2 can be processed in the cloud or on-prem.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Use Skycatch Data Hub for viewing and further analysis. Or upload point clouds to the mining software of your choice, including ArcGIS Pro and Leapfrog.

“Data is king. I’ve been able to quickly and easily dial-in Skycatch parameters that can be consistently used to capture highwalls on a more regular basis. Good highwall data from Skycatch shows us how to adapt for changes beyond our control and plan for the future.”


Teck Resources | Survey & Engineering Technician

Skycatch Mapping in the Field

Learn in this webinar how Sean was able to capture the 3D highwall
data that his geologists and geotechnical engineers fully valued:

Are you ready to consistently capture and analyze the 3D highwall data you need to make better, safer decisions on your pit designs?

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