Comprehensive Monitoring of Tailings Dams Means Reduced Risk of Failure

Create a digital twin of your tailings storage facility (TSF) and go beyond just measuring with sensors. Skycatch high-accuracy drone data 
(below 3 cm) provides a holistic way to monitor your site.

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Tailings dam monitoring is imperative. Regulations require it. But, IoT devices like piezometers and inclinometers are limited to a single point of measurement. Mitigate your risk by adding Skycatch high-accuracy 3D drone-based data, visuals, and analysis to your monitoring. View and measure all in one place with the
Data Hub visualization and analytics platform.


The monitoring of tailings dams has gone through significant improvements in recent years with the introduction of sensors and other devices to measure movement in the ground. But, because the devices are limited to a specific point, they do not provide a holistic view of the dam.

“Our secret sauce has always been in automating high-accuracy drone data. And, now customers can leverage Skycatch to expand the view and to better understand risks in their tailings dams. As an example, drone-based solutions can be used to automate the detection of seepage, overtopping, foundation failure, subsidence, and more. The possibilities are endless!”


Skycatch Inc. | Chief Technology Officer

<p>Skycatch HPP with DJI P4RTK &amp; Matrice 210RTK drones (M300 in beta)</p>

Skycatch HPP with DJI P4RTK & Matrice 210RTK drones (M300 in beta)

RTK-enabled drones alongside the Skycatch Edge1 GNSS base station captures high-accuracy 3D data of your entire tailings storage facility.

<p>Process 3D Data with <a href="/technology/skycatch-vision-engine">Skycatch Vision Engine</a></p>

Process 3D Data with Skycatch Vision Engine

Automated processing of the high-accuracy data provides 3D measurements and visual outputs in the field or in the cloud.

<p>Measure Against Plan or Latest Scan</p>

Measure Against Plan or Latest Scan

With Data Hub analytics tools, compare the latest measurements against plan or the most recent data to identify and measure movement or potential risks.

<p>Integrate IoT Data &amp; Visualizations</p>

Integrate IoT Data & Visualizations

in beta

Integrating your sensor data from piezometers, inclinometers and other into the 3D Skycatch model will help you identify exactly where potential issues exist.

Let’s talk about how Skycatch can improve your tailings dam monitoring.

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