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Improve Safety,
and Profitability

With the Edge1, no more waiting for your data. Process your flight data in-field or on the way back to the office.

The Edge1 is a combined GNSS base station and in-field computer that allows you to process your flight data completely offline, compressing the time for delivery.

Receive 2D maps and 3D point clouds in record time

Ability to simultaneously re-project the data in your local site coordinates

Complete control of your flight data by processing completely offline for maximum data security

Post Blast Analysis, extraction, and haul road analysis 40x faster than standard GPS

Stay out of the pit, and out of harm’s way.

The Edge1 acts as your base station with a fixed position that ensures your data is accurate to the centimeter. This means you no longer have to manually set a ground control point in-field or after the fact in the data set.

Streamlined workflow

No Ground Control Points needed

Sub 5cm Accuracy

Increased safety, fewer boots on the ground

Planning and Collaboration

Skycatch provides you with two options for viewing and analyzing your data. Completely offline processing with the Edge1, or our cloud solutions packed with the essentials for mining. Markups, volume calculations, overlays, and sharing is a cinch for increased collaboration on mine designs, analysis, and review.





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