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The most advanced, complete, and easy-to-use high accuracy packages on the market.


Unlimited data processing

Unlimited client/team members

GCP Marking


Reliable 5cm accuracy without GCP

Skycatch RTK drone & Edge1 base station

Unlimited processing, users, & downloads

Supported by Geospatial & VDC Pros


For companies with a high volume of mission critical imaging needs and a high degree of technical sophistication, Skycatch offers customized Enterprise services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy Skycatch software and hardware?
Just connect with our sales team to learn about our available plans, or craft an enterprise package that is customized to your needs. Click a Contact Us button above, or email our sales team.

Does Skycatch charge for anything other than software and hardware subscription fee?
No, you only pay for your subscription plan. No hidden fees, ever.

How long are your contracts? Can I change my plan?
We offer ultimate flexibility to match the needs of your business. Plans are available in monthly, yearly, and multi-year options.

Who can get access to my data?
Access to the data is controlled by your designated account administrator, which gives a high degree of control for data security and privacy. All plans come with multiple private logins for additional users, who only have access to sites permitted by the administrator. You can also choose to share any site publicly (helpful for easily showing progress to clients).

What output file formats does Skycatch currently provide?
You can download in TIFF, LAS, OBJ, PDF, and more. Learn about data outputs in our DATA GALLERY.

What kind of accuracy can I expect from Skycatch products?
Without any ground control points, you can expect as good as 2 cm vertical RMSE with the Skycatch High Precision Package. Learn more in our Accuracy White Paper.

Does Skycatch charge a fee per processing job, or per user?
We want you to maximize the value you get from this data, so all plans offer unlimited processing. Additionally, our High Precision Package includes unlimited user accounts, so you can get your entire project and your clients easy access to the data. The Pro plan comes with 10 user accounts to start, and more can be added if you need.

Can Skycatch fly for me?
Skycatch focuses on building the best drone data tools for your workflow and no longer offers pilot services directly, but we will connect you with one of our partners to get an FAA-licensed drone pilot for your projects.

Does Skycatch output data integrate with any other software?
Yes! You can easily download your Skycatch data and use it with virtually any design and geospatial software including Autodesk AutoCAD, Navisworks, InfraWorks, ReCap, Revit, Civil 3D, ArcGIS, BlueBeam and more. Learn more in our DATA GALLERY.

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