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The All-In-One Drone-Data Solution

Fully-integrated drone data platform built for construction and beyond

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Our customers use Skycatch to help improve communication between stakeholders, identify risks, and improve their bottom line.

Use Cases

Logistics planning

Easily generate exact lay down plans, site and resource utilization, and equipment moves

3D model visual context

Show clients and field team progress updates in photorealistic 3D


Sitework and layout teams get topographic maps in minutes instead of days

Earthworks management

Measure cut and fill daily to track exact progress and stay on schedule

Site progress photos

Capture perfect progress photos for use in reports, presentations, and large format prints

Video flyovers

Easily generate site marketing videos for clients and owners in the highest 4k quality

BIM coordination

Import point clouds into Revit and Navisworks, compare the model to as-builts, combine with laser scans

Infrastructure inspections

Capture existing conditions and catalog change in high resolution safer than ever before

What’s in the Skycatch High Precision Package?


Explore1 Drone + Flight1 App

Precise, Rugged, and Reliable


Built on DJI M100 platform

Custom precision RTK GPS

Learn more here

Simple and Intuitive Flight App

Easy to learn

Automates everything

Built-in alerts for safety


Edge1 Base Station + Edge1 App

Intelligent On-Site Base Station

Easy to use GNSS

Onboard centimeter-accurate processing

Cloud connection point

Learn more here

Simple Data Management

Easiest photogrammetry tool on the market

Average size point cloud in 30 minutes or less

Generate multiple output types


Online Data Viewer – Learn More

Viewing Experience

Time Lapse Viewing

2D & 3D Viewing

Accuracy & Workflow Integration

Local Coordinates

File Download & Sharing

Check out the Data Gallery

Fast Analysis Tools

CAD Overlays



Enterprise Features

Multi-region support / separation of data

User Management

Dataset Management

High Precision Package Benefits

Maps & Point Clouds in 30 Minutes

High-speed processing delivers your data in localized coordinates, with the fastest turnaround time on the market. No uploading required on the Edge1.


Get the most out of your drone program by flying daily without wasting time maintaining or marking GCPs.

GPS Base Station Included

Serves as a dedicated RTK base station and processes your drone data in the field, even without internet connection.

All-in-One Solution

Everything you need to capture, process, and analyze drone data in one easy-to-use solution.

Dedicated Customer Support

Your own customer success manager to answer your questions, streamline your workflow, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your tools.

Unlimited Data Processing, No Hidden Costs

Capture and process daily without extra cost or size limitations. Unlimited sharing and access to data anywhere, any time.

"What results in many sites is a 20-30% margin of error in soil volume after construction is complete. Komatsu uses Skycatch to survey the terrain more accurately to prevent and eliminate such errors from the outset.”

President, Komatsu Smart Construction

Is high precision right for your project?

Speak with a Skycatch industry expert about your workflow.

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