Skycatch Launches Proprietary Software For the DJI M300

Skycatch Launches Proprietary 3D and 4D Software for the M300,
Delivering End to End Power and 24x Faster Data Processing at the Edge

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Mine sites are often remote and harsh, presenting unique challenges for equipment durability and connectivity in the field. The DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone and the Skycatch High Precision Package for Mining were both built with this in mind.

And soon, they will work seamlessly together to bring you the 3D data and analytics you require for highwall scanning, tailings dam monitoring, stockpile measurements, and more.

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      Powerful new data capture capabilities for the DJI M300 through proprietary Flight1x software - a key component of the High Precision Package

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      Offers cloud or edge-based data processing that enables viewing terrain in 4D, automated RTK/PPK industrial drone management and fast edge processing delivering data visibility in minutes versus upwards of 24 hours

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      Built on technology adopted by the largest mining companies in the world including Komatsu and AngloAmerican, Flight1x outperforms traditional off-the-shelf data mapping tools by including purpose-built flight automation software for the M300 leveraging DJI's L1 and P1 sensors. 

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      The new solution delivers proven data and network security via Skycatch servers in the United States coupled with advanced automation features like a 3D first mission planner, mining focused workflows and deep integration into Skycatch's data analytics platform, Datahub.

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