On-Demand - End to End Solution: Capture, Process and Analyze Your Mining Data

Tuesday, November 16

Watch as Skycatch and DJI discuss how the latest technology can benefit geologists, geotechs and surveyors of any mining pit.  With the latest technology you can capture data faster, while improving safety and lowering costs WITHOUT sacrificing accuracy.

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In this webinar you will learn:

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    How to eliminate GCPs with fully autonomous missions

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    Generate robust, reliable and repeatable 3D data using the DJI M300

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    Save time with offline in-field processing

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    How best to view and analyze your 3D data

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    AND how all of this can result in millions of dollars of savings

Featured Guests:

David Chen- Skycatch Chief Technology Officer

William Pryor- Skycatch Lead Evangelist

Zixuan Wang- Geospatial Channels and Solutions Manager

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