On-Demand - Streamline for Higher Efficiency

December 15, 2021

In this roundtable discussion you will learn how data compatibility is key when gathering, processing and analyzing your mining data.  Being able to easily capture and view your data without fumbling between systems will help your organization produce reliable, repeatable data.

Oftentimes in mining the multiple disciplines within an organization are working with various information streams from surface models and design files to GIS data. The next hurdle to jump is being able to consolidate, view and analyze this data without moving back and forth from platform to platform. There is a need for efficiency as well as time and cost-savings that are available to you now!

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Session includes:

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    Integrations used when collecting mining data

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    First-hand customer experience from Teck

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    Audience participation - ask questions and/or share your experience

Speaker Panel:

William Pryor- Lead Evangelist, Skycatch

Brandon Richardson- Product Owner, Skycatch

Michael Kelly- Geospatial Solutions Architect, Teck

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