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Down to Earth
Aerial Intelligence

An easy to use enterprise-grade aerial intelligence platform for the industry's most powerful capture, process, and measurement tools.

Build Better
and Safer

Maximize your pre-construction phase to reduce rework, increase collaboration, stay on schedule and on budget.

Volume Calculations & Reconciliation in Record Time

With the Edge1, no more waitingfor your data. Process your flight data in-field or on the way back to the office.

Site Digitization

Interact with your data how you experience it in real-life. From earthworks, highwall mapping, to site survey, we have all the tools you need to track, measure, and plan for everything on your project from both the field and office.

Analysis Tools

Make centimeter-level decisions, in near real-time. Markups, plan overlays, 2D & 3D measurements ​ wherever your office is that day. Share distance, surface area, and volumetric measurements with ease.

Data Driven Insights

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. With our powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, we’re training our models to prepare for the future, while delivering data with speed and maximum accuracy today.

End-to-end data precision platform built for enterprise

Precision aerial data capture

Our GCP-free workflow combines the most reliable UAVs on the market with our easy-to-use mission planner Flight1 for a rapid, fully-autonomous, and highly accurate data capture.

Learn more about the Explore1 Drone and Flight1 Mission Control

P4RTK + Edge1 Bundle Coming Soon!

Onsite processing and connectivity

The Edge1 is the first-ever combined GNSS base station and in-field processing unit, giving you the ability to have high precision data at your fingertips on site in minutes - without needing to find internet connectivity.

Learn more about the Edge1 Base Station

Powerful data analysis tools

The Data Viewer visualizes your site so you can manage, measure, and collaborate with all of your stakeholders. No need to ration your flights or pay per upload - you have access to unlimited uploads and processing per project.

Learn more about the Data Viewer

“It's really an incredible tool that I don't want to have to do without on the next big project.”

Victoria Julien

DPR Construction Superintendant

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