Drone Mapping and Data Analytics

With laser scan level accuracy, see why the top industrial firms in the world choose Skycatch to reimagine the process of building, tracking and inspecting complex and hazardous job sites

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  • Teck
  • DPR
  • Anglo American
  • Clayco
  • Eramet
  • Turner
  • Komats
  • Aura Minerals
  • Skanska
  • Forescue Metals
  • ADB
  • Barrick Gold
  • Mosaic Mining

Skycatch provides aerial data capture automation, processing, visualization, and analysis tools. Complete with onboarding, training and support. Many of the world's largest companies use Skycatch across all of their work sites. Learn about our enterprise solutions

The Perfect Mining Solution for Drone Survey and Analytics

Skycatch 3D software and analyticsSkycatch High Precision Drone
  • checkFastest time-to-data in the market
  • checkEliminates GCPs for a safer data capture
  • checkProven 5cm accuracy across all axis
  • checkProcess offline in the field or in the cloud
  • checkPrecise, high-fidelity 3D models of vertical surfaces
“We use Skycatch's mining solution to precisely measure how much dirt we’re moving. There are enormous gains: if we improve the margin of error in the volume calculations by just 1%, we’re talking about saving over $300,000 dollars a year, per mine.”Fabio RiBIEROAura Minerals | Technology Specialist

Software-only Drone Data Analytics for Construction

  • Visualize all your data in high precision 3D from home, office, or abroad
  • Compare datasets and track changes
  • Track as-builts with automatically aligned design file imports
  • Create powerful 2D and 3D measurements, including cut-and-fill
  • Create and share analytics, markups, as-builts, and progress reports
  • Import / Export all standard data types
“Skycatch's construction solution is really an incredible tool that I don’t want to have to do without on the next big project.”VICTORIA JULIENSuperintendent | DPR Construction
Skycatch Customers

Construction Solution

The only automated drone data solution for construction enterprises. The perfect tool for construction site visualization and analysis.

Mining Solution

One simple kit for UAV mapping, data processing, and drone analytics. The all-in-one solution for drone survey and highwall mapping.

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